'Twas the Night Before the Upgrade

Forwarded to the net 24 Dec 1998, by Jack Coffey <coffeyja@FORSCOM.army.mil>

'Twas the night before the upgrade,
When all through the land,
Not a hard drive wasn't ready
For the install command

Scattered files on the desktops Were cleaned up with care, In hopes the new OS Would soon be there

With RAM set aside, We techies were preparing For visions of crashing And files not sharing

The delay was no more, For the shipment arrived The hyped-up long wait Was a plan well-contrived

Like a flock of birds, We all flew to the stores And emptied thy shelves As we danced on the floor

The boxes were sealed With a shiny gloss coat With a shake to my ear, I began to gloat

And then, at a glance, I snuck a peek inside And read all the features My grin was so wide

With Web-enabled backgrounds, And screensavers, too, Customized options, So much you can do

I spoke not a word And dashed out of sight, Then sprang to my car And drove home through the night

To the top of the stairs, Then down the hall, I powered my machine And began to install

Load system! Load browser! Load all tour guides, too! Then tweaked all the settings The whole night through

When after the restart, There was nothing to fear, I sprang into bed dreaming Of upgrading next year!

Reposted by Rich Zellich